About Us

The company, being established in the year 2000 in Izmir Eski Foça (Old Phocaea), succeeded to become the fastest growing company of the sector increasing its annually egg production capacity from 10 million within a short time to a production of 600 million table eggs. Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs) serves its tasty, healthy and on the palate taste leaving egg production bringing it in a more perfect and more serviceable state compared to the accustomed egg taste.

We are sharing our quality with 26 countries

Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs) exports to 26 countries and continuous its studies to supply its egg quality to entire continents. Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs), working with its experienced and qualified teams purposing to supply all tables with the tastiest and healthiest eggs in the word, is enriching more and more its product portfolio consisting of 30 varieties by means of R&G activities.

Secret of the natural taste coming from the farms on the tables

Ekiz Yumuarta’s (Ekiz Eggs’) taste secret is the perfect living environment and entirely natural vegetable feed provided to the egg hens. Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs), who produced the hen feeds in its own facilities, obtains from its egg hens the best quality thanks to its natural dietary schedule. Acclimatization, accommodation, feeding of the hens and egg collection are performed by means of computer supported state-of-the art technological devices.

We have trust in ourselves! Because we love our job

Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs), adapted honesty against its customers as a principle. Thus, affixing tracking codes to our products we enable our customer to obtain information about the products. It is ensured that the production processes of the eggs are transparently and clearly controllable via tracking systems.

Our Values

Our Vision

Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs) is targeting to become the best egg brand both in our country and worldwide. Under this scope the company continues its studies on a broad range from including state-of-the art technological devices to the production process to the employment and training of qualified and experienced personnel.

Our Mission

Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs), always regarded the philosophy of exhibiting the better one and reaching the better, and took it as a mission to ensure that tasty eggs are delivered on every table. In this sense, the company adapted the principle to act respectfully starting from its hens in the caged to the environment, its employees and customers, and to start with more egg-full days with a good cooperation.

Our Values

Acting first with the awareness of food safety and respect to the environment, considering honesty and transparency during processes performed on the hens and eggs during the entire production procedure are basic principles of the company Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs). We stay for the tastiest eggs with passion, sincerity and honesty.

Our Quality and Environment Policy

Ekiz Yumurta (Eggs) has become a company driving the sector putting its signature under innovative works with the motto “quality is creating a difference”. Technological equipment used during the egg production process, utilization of poultry wastes for renewable energy purposes, allocation and training of qualified and experienced staffs, full compliance with environmental legislation and contributing sector’s development covering customer’s via innovative approaches.