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Frequently Asked Questions

Egg protein, which is considered as the most valuable nutriment after breast milk, is a food rich in respect of protein phosphor and iron. Eggs contain also vitamins like A, D, E and B, which have to be definitely consumed be children in developmental age. Egg’s protein means a protein, which is quite more valuable compared with the ones contained in other foods.

It contains “essential amino acids”, which are no produced by the body. Eggs can always garnish the tables as a high digestible food. The protein, iron, phosphor, vitamins contained are used without being eliminated from the body and turn into enzymes necessary for the human in order to continue a healthy life.

  1. Thanks to vitamin A contained the improvement and maintenance of the eyesight is ensured. Meanwhile it is necessary for the protection of the bone structure and support of healthy teeth. Healthiness of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts and protections against infections is also attributable to vitamin A inside of the egg.
  2. Eggs also contain vitamin D. This vitamin obtained from the sun is also obtainable by the consumption of eggs. Vitamin D allows the correct utilization of calcium inside the body. Thanks to vitamin D to be obtained from eggs and sun it could be possible to be protected against diseases like osteoporosis.
  3. Egg has a content rich in respect of vitamin E. This nutrient feature attributes to the prevention of infertility particularly for men. Meanwhile it prevent the penetration of harmful substances to the in preventing the oxidation.
  4. Vitamins of group B inside the egg are used in order to convert some nutrients in the body to energy. Egg has a rich content in respect of vitamins of group B, particularly vitamin B2. Remember that this vitamin is important for the skin and eye health.

We always desire to live as a healthy human and to maintain our quality of life. The first we have to do for this a healthy nutrition. In this respect eggs are a treasure containing vitamins and minerals allowing the protection of human life. Thanks to minerals inside like iron, zinc and phosphor it protects human’s life quality.

Iron is a mineral prevention anemia in the body. And generation of blood is possible thanks to iron. Iron also ensures that the gastrointestinal system is strong in order to protect against diseases. In this respect become eggs a quite important nutrient for children in the developmental age.

The fat rate and vitamin C level inside eggs are low. Considering a big egg, it contains only 4,5 grams of fat. 1,5 grams of this fat are saturated, and the remaining part are consisting from unsaturated fatty acids.

The egg white does not, but the egg yolk contains cholesterol up to 213 mg. Cholesterol synthesized in human’s and anima’s body expresses a substance like fat. It is used for the constitution of cell wall, insulation of the nerve fibers, and development of some hormonal and digestive secretions.

It is seen that the blood cholesterol in some individuals occur in high levels due to nutrition disorders, life style and genetic features. However there is not prevention for individual without metabolism disorders to consume eggs. Physically everyone using all nutrition groups actively without any restriction, may benefit from the rich vitamin and mineral content of the egg.

  1. Eggs have to be stored in cold sections. In this respect prefer eggs stored in cold sections of markets.
  2. Do not buy broken or cracked eggs. Cracked eggs are rapidly spoiling and develop foreign microorganisms.
  3. Eggs have to be stored unwashed. The protective substance on its surface is removed when washed. They have to stay in the refrigerator as they are bought.
  4. Do not place the eggs besides of foods spreading strong odors inside the refrigerator; because the egg shell has pores. The egg can suck up odors through these pores.
  5. You may understand whether the egg is spoiled or not in putting it water. Submerging egg is fresh, floating egg is spoiled.
  1. Full cooking for soft-boiled eggs requires boiling for 12 minutes. The white section coagulates n 4 minutes, and the yellow section in 8 minutes.
  2. All recipes to be made using eggs require cooking process. This ensures death of potential microorganisms inside the egg.
  3. Pay attention to not overcook. In this is case loss of vitamins of group B may occur. Accordingly it should be preferred soft-boiled rather than fried in oil.

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